New and used IT device procurement and sales - implementation. Device refresh and upgrades. Repairs and data recovery. Network infrastructure review and implementation - Server and Cloud. Security and data encryption. Local server and Cloud synchronization, local and cloud backup. Local and hosted Exchange management. Remote monitoring and management.

Procurement and sales

While it is fun and empowering to make your own purchasing decisions or let your staff make them for you, when it comes to IT, those decisions are not an easy task and can be extremly time consuming with the sheer volume of products available. It gets more expensive if the wrong decision was made. We see it all the time and often have to patch things up in hinsight. We have been purchasing and selling IT equipment for customers for over 16 years and know all the ins and outs. The fact is, there hasn't been a day where things haven't been changing in the IT landscape, and to stay on top of it all is a full time job, and its our job.

​On the basis of good hardware, we build your infrastructure within your budget with future expansion possibilities in mind at all times. Partial device refresh and upgrades may be possible to safe money.
The choices made here are instrumental for the future success of your business. Time is money from the get go and the last thing you want to spend time on is flaky IT infrastructure. SLA's or not, once implemented, we can keep track of your systems via remote monitoring, remote access and regular on-site visits.

Has your company gone through a security audit? Do you have procedures in place to act on exposure to viruses and malware, theft of equipment or physical property, theft of customer information or sensitive computer files, computer hardware failure, fire or other disasters, electrical surge? We can help you setup the procedures, provide the proper hardware and provide remote assistance and monitoring of your systems to detect issues before they escalate.


Data backup has become much easier then it used to be. Much of it is done via cloud services. While cloud services have come a long way, and many of those services are freely available, the majority of businesses still rely on data stored locally. Not everything is syncable via a cloud backup or cloud sync provider, files can be too large, internet can be too slow, unreliable or even unavailable at times, and hence, to this day both online and offline backups are still required in all business environments. We provide both, the best hardware solutions from NAS to SAN as well as cloud solutions for a lighter workload based on price and reliability.


You can spend hours on a small repair; Chances are, if you have to watch a youtube video first before you can tackle it yourself, you waste time and money. Most of our services are charged with flat fee pricing, because there isn't a thing we haven't seen. With over 19 years of break and fix experience from our retail facilities, we have you covered. Why have your own staff or yourself fix things that we do in a fraction of the time with predictable results. Focus on your core business and let others do what they are best at. Outsource your repairs with us.

Data recovery

Unfortunately data recovery is still a daily occurence. Backup solutions can fail and for many they are still non-existant.

All is rarely ever lost; When things go wrong, we can help you get your data back. Call us for a free consultation.

computer sales & service

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