Compuresource started in 1998, in Oakville Ontario, with a retail location which operated until the end of 2014. Retail has changed considerably since 1998 and while we enjoyed our time supporting the communities of Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Toronto, we gradually moved our focus away from retail. Over the last number of years our business is focused on the procurement and sales of IT equipment, implementation as well as device refresh for the small and mid sized business segment.

With our extensive experience in procurement of the right equipment for the right purpose at the right price, you can you free up your staff to focus on your company's main objectives. We take the headaches out of your IT purchasing, take care of shipping and returns, and leverage on product price due to volume and long term supplier partnerships. First and foremost, we make the right equipment choices, without bias, individual preferences, or flaky end user's blog reviews. Our choices are based on real industry experience.

On this basis we build your IT infrastructure, as each product comes with its own framework - quality, reliability, availability & support. With our extensive retail exposure we have seen all levels. Break and fix is always the tip of the iceberg of a potentially broken system. We've seen this first hand, and its been our gateway to the complexities of a multitude of day to day business operations and has given us the experience from the bottom up to build better IT infrastructure from the get go.

Lenovo Business Partner

Due to its high quality standards in the industry, one of our main partners in the businesss has been the Lenovo Think line of products. When it comes ThinkPads, ThinkCentres, ThinkStations and ThinkServers, don't look elswhere, we sell and support them all. We are also a Lenovo authorized repair center. Most of the repair business we do for Lenovo is outside warranty repairs..

Cisco Partner

For the same reason we partnered with Lenovo, we also partnered with Cisco/Meraki. Quality, reliability and support. Today's business network has more sites, users, devices, and applications connecting to it then ever before. Managing and securing this distributed, agile network is becoming more and more challenging, as companies have traditionally secured the perimeter around a centralized network.

Seagate Partner
Intel Channel Partner

We have partnered with Seagate and Intel since our company's inception. We sell both of their entire product lines. Seagate is also working with us for our advanced data recovery services

McAfee Authorized Partner

McAfee has been instrumental for our implementations of end point protection and encryption solutions.


We have been selling Xerox printers and supplies since 1999.

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